Crazy science news you may have missed this week

  • A new theory suggest an asteroid triggered volcanic eruptions that led to the extinction of Tyrannosaurus rex and all other dinosaurs. SVEN HOPPE/AFP/Getty Images

    For decades, scientists have debated what caused the dinosaurs to go extinct 66 million years ago. Most sided with the idea that an asteroid had slammed into the oceans off Mexico, triggering tsunamis, earthquakes, wildfires and temperature fluctuations.

    A few scientists, however, held onto the idea that massive volcanic eruptions around the globe, rather than an asteroid, were behind one of the biggest mass extinctions in the Earth's history.

    Now, a research team writing in The Geological Society of America Bulletin has come up with a theory that could please both sides, suggesting the asteroid impact triggered the volcanic eruptions that caused the mass extinction, which ended the age of dinosaurs and ushered in the age of mammals.

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  • Amanda Schupak

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