10-year-old girl shows off amazing sampling skills

(CBS News) While we have the legendary Friday music round-up coming up soon, I thought I'd put out a quick music post to up the antici... pation (my attempt at a "Rocky Horror Picture Show" reference). Watch a 10-year-old girl show off some amazing sampling skills in the video above.

The impressive-at-her-age video was posted by YouTube user ThaRhythmWeaver in 2010 who writes:

Been absent for a minute schooling kids about the MPC [Music Production Center]. Diana sampled her own piano playing, chopped up the notes and arranged a song for yalls. The kid has got some style!

There is no doubt that Diana has style and I kind of wonder how she's getting along now with her sampling two years later... I hope she kept up with it!  Either way, just another amazing and recent case of young kids who have way more talent now than most will ever have. And to check out more music videos from ThaRhythmWeaver, you can visit his YouTube page by clicking here.