4 Marines Killed In Action

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Four U.S. Marines were killed in action in separate incidents in Anbar Province, a Sunni-dominated area west of Baghdad, the military said Tuesday.

Two Marines were killed Tuesday while conducting "security and stability operations" in the province, the military said.

Another Marine was killed in action Monday and a fourth died of wounds received in action Monday in Anbar, the military said in a statement.

The military declined to identify the Marines until it notified the next of kin.

As of Tuesday, 891 U.S. service members have died since the beginning of military operations in Iraq in March 2003, according to the U.S. Defense Department.

Also Tuesday, a roadside bomb attack on a vehicle near the city of Baqouba, north of Baghdad, killed four civilians and wounded two others, said Emad Kamil Rahim, a local hospital official.

In Samarra, a hotbed of violence 60 miles north of Baghdad, U.S. forces and militants engaged in running gunbattles, the U.S. military said. Four Iraqis were killed and five were wounded, said Ahmed Jaddo, a hospital official. The military said U.S. soldiers returned fire at insurgents and destroyed the house they were in, while a U.S. warplane flattened another house with a 500-pound bomb.

In other recent developments:

  • A Filipino hostage who was threatened with death if his country did not pull its troops out of Iraq was freed Tuesday morning nearly two weeks after being captured and a day after the Philippines said it had met the kidnappers' demand.
  • An Iraqi council member running for governor in the southern port city of Basra was shot to death as he left for work Tuesday morning, along with his driver and bodyguard. A third person was injured, according to an Iraqi official who blames the attack on opposition to a gubernatorial election which was planned for Tuesday - now delayed because of the shooting.
  • An Egyptian truck driver who had been held hostage was freed Monday evening and taken to his country's embassy. Alsayeid Mohammed Alsayeid Algarabawi was abducted from a truck he had driven from Saudi Arabia into Iraq. His kidnappers never threatened to kill him but did ask his employer, Al-Jarie Transport, to both pay a $1 million ransom and pull out of Iraq. The company denies paying the ransom but it has ended all of its business in Iraq.
  • The body of Lt. Col. Nafi al-Kubaisi, the police chief of the town of Heet, was discovered Monday at a market in nearby Fallujah. Al-Kubaisi had been kidnapped Saturday from his police station.
  • Monday, a fuel tanker rigged as a massive bomb hurtled toward a Baghdad police station and exploded, killing nine people, wounding 60, and leveling a huge section of an industrial neighborhood. The suicide bombing was the fourth in a string of deadly attacks on police and government facilities in the last five days. Since the new government took power June 28, at least 75 people have been killed in attacks by rebel forces.
  • In the holy city of Najaf, Iraqi police discovered a weapons cache Monday, including 230 rockets and 200 mortar shells.
  • In Bahr al Najaf, 31 miles west of Najaf, police arrested suspected oil smugglers breaching an oil pipeline that connects the southern and northern oil fields. Three oil tankers were confiscated.
  • Sunday, the head of the Iraqi military's supply department, Essam al-Dijaili, and his bodyguard, Mishal al-Sarraf, were both shot to death. Al-Dijali was bringing home dinner at the time.