A totally geek chic and techy Halloween costume idea

(CBS News) I'm not sure if you're aware, but Halloween is only a few short weeks away... do you have a costume yet? No?! Then you're in luck if you like to dress to impress and have a leaning towards geek chic. We've got the perfect Halloween idea for you in the awesome video above.

The amazing and creative Halloween costume demo was created by Mark Rober and is an update to the much more expensive (but also very cool) iPad costume idea posted up last year. I personally dig the idea a lot because it lets you still get into the Halloween spirit without all the hassle (and often insane heat) of going with a full-body costume. And while we're still on the topic of last year, be sure to check out our fun and funny 2011 slideshow "Faces of fear at a haunted house" above that will be getting a 2012 update very, very soon (wink, wink). And to check out more amazing work from Mark Rober, you can visit his YouTube page by clicking here.