An insane motorbike stunt to welcome the weekend

(CBS News) While Friday has been a lot of fun here at The Feed today with our weekly music round-up, a tribute to Bill Hicks and George Carlin and some adorable pandas eating breakfast, we always try to find the perfect video to post up near the end of the day to signify that the weekend has arrived. This is definitely that video. Watch an insane motorbike stunt happen in 3... 2... 1... go ahead and click play now.

Seriously, could anything better say that the weekend has arrived?  I think not!  The extreme, caught-on-tape moment was posted by YouTube user Sami Friman and performed by the Stunt Freaks Team out of Finland. It goes without saying (though, I will still say it anyways) that no one should ever, ever try this at home, or anywhere else for that matter. And with that, I'd like to bid everyone a very happy upcoming weekend and please make sure to keep coming back to The Feed for all of your viral video needs!