Art world whodunit: Who broke ancient statue?

As the old saying goes, "You broke it, you bought it."

An avid art collector and conservator says that's what should have happened during a photo shoot in her Manhattan apartment last year.

Corice Arman - widow of famed French-American artist Arman -- says a klutzy cameraman knocked over an ancient Terra Cotta figurine from Nigeria worth at least $300,000. It dates back to roughly 500 B.C.

They amassed one of the most respected collections of African art in the world. They had - and she still has -- a mission to acquire the pieces in hopes to donate them to museums. The shattered statue was, she says, one such piece - destined for the Museum for African Art. Corice is a trustee there and already has made several donations.

Corice says she was devastated when the statue was left in pieces, and filed suit Monday against the publisher of "Art and Auction" magazine. But the magazine says it's not liable for damages. And the photographer hired to shoot Arman's extensive collection of African and other antiquities insists he's not the one who broke the statue.

She spoke to "CBS This Morning" co-hosts Jeff Glor and Rebecca Jarvis about the ongoing mystery. To see the interview, click on the video in the player above.