Benjamin Backstrom Vigil Brings Comfort; No Answers in Drake University Homicide

Benjamin Backstrom (Personal Photo)
Benjamin Backstrom (Personal Photo)

DES MOINES, Iowa (CBS/KCCI/AP) Teachers, friends and classmates held a vigil Wednesday night for Drake University student Benjamin Backstrom, who police say was the victim of a violent homicide early Tuesday.

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Rev. Tom Felts of Wakonda Christian Church, said he has spent the past two days consoling Backstrom's family. He said they are baffled by the details of his death and are concerned by the lack of information.

Memorial Artwork of Benjamin Backstrom (Personal Photo)

"They just want to know answers," he said to CBS affiliate KCCI. "It's completely out of character. He was a fine young man."

The Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation said the autopsy has not been completed and that they are not ready to announce the exact cause of death

PICTURES: Benjamin Backstrom

Warren County deputies said they found Backstrom's body leaning against a bridge railing along Highway 65-69, north of Indianola. Police said the body was found far away from both Drake University and Backstrom's home in Norwalk.

Along with the vigil, Drake students are memorializing Backstrom with special artwork drawn on the sidewalk outside his residence hall. Felts said it might provide some comfort to his parents.

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PICTURES: Benjamin Backstrom

April 29, 2010 - Benjamin Backstrom (PICTURES): Drake Student Found on Bridge Victim of Homicide, Say Officials