Biden says GOP makes "no room for compromise"

(CBS News) Vice President Joe Biden said the Republican Party is responsible for the deep partisanship affecting Washington, and he said that Democrats are dealing with a non-willing partner.

"I do think the idea of compromise is still alive and well with the Democrats and the Congress," Biden said on CBS News' "Face the Nation." "But with enough of a minority in the Republican Party controlling the majority, there is no room for compromise. I mean none."

After being pressed by anchor Bob Schieffer about placing lopsided blame on Republicans, Biden spared his criticism of Republican leadership and blamed rank-and-file members of Congress.

"I think the leadership of the Republican Party is prepared to actually work with us, but I think it's kind of the tail wagging the dog here," Biden said.

The government was on the verge of shut-down twice in the past year because of deadlock over spending cuts and the debt ceiling.

Biden, who served as a senator for more than three decades before becoming vice president, said disagreements were never before "this personalized." He said lawmakers label each other in broad strokes: "You're good, you're bad, you're evil."

"It's never been like that before - at least not in my experience - and I've been there for a long time," he added.

However, Biden sounded optimistic and said the divisions are not permanent because voters will tire of it.

"I think the American people are gonna send the message to all the parties: 'Hey guys, you gotta at least start to talk about broad compromises on problems that we know are real,'" Biden said.

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