12 examples of why Bill Cosby shouldn't have asked to get memed

Actor and comedian Bill Cosby speaks at Boys and Girls Club of America convention May 14, 2009, in Atlanta.

He asked for it, and boy did he get it.

Actor and comedian Bill Cosby invited the Internet to meme him Monday, unveiling a #CosbyMeme Generator on his website. Fun!

But as we've learned from #mynypd and #imametfanbecause, if the Internet has any dirt on you, the floodgates will open.

Twitter Screengrab

The stunt backfired, to put it lightly, as the generator was instead used to highlight Cosby's 20-year-old rape allegations, which resurfaced last month. The meme generator has since been removed from his website.

Here are a few examples of #cosbymemes:

And here's an upbeat #cosbymeme, for good measure: