Calif. Cop Shot During Stop

California Highway Patrol badge with Hand holding gun, crime scene tape over CHP cruiser
Police have arrested two people in connection with the fatal shooting of a California Highway Patrol officer Thursday.

Few details have been released, with police saying only that the suspects were taken into custody in Rocklin, a community outside of Sacramento. The arrests came after a massive manhunt involving hundreds of officers on the ground and in the air.

Officer Andy Stevens was shot and killed during a traffic stop outside Sacramento. The 37-year-old officer was a 13-year CHP veteran.

Other officers and a helicopter arrived within minutes after a citizen called in a "mayday," apparently on the officer's squad-car radio.

The suspect had fled, his car described only as a rusty black sedan.

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, traveling in Asia, has issued a statement calling the officer's death "senseless and brutal" and saying he's hoping for swift justice.

The head of the highway patrol says Stevens was "family."