Casey Anthony Jailhouse Letters Released Amid Inmate Claims She Drugged Daughter Caylee

**CORRECTS OBJECT NAME TO CAYLEE ANTHONY**Casey Anthony reacts during a court hearing in Orlando, Fla. on Friday, December 11, 2009 as prosecutors describe how her daughter died. Anthony is charged in the death of her 2-year-old daughter Caylee Marie Anthony in 2008. Exactly one year after Caylee Marie Anthony's remains were found, defense lawyers argued why a judge should prohibit prosecutors from seeking the death penalty against the toddler's mother. (AP Photo/ Red Huber, Pool)
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Letter from Casey Anthony to Fellow Inmate (WKMG-TV 6)

ORLANDO, Fla. (CBS/AP) Documents released by prosecutors in the Casey Anthony murder case Tuesday include jailhouse letters between Anthony and fellow inmates, as well as shocking transcripts of law enforcement interviews with inmates who say Anthony admitted to them that she sometimes drugged her daughter Caylee.

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Anthony's fellow inmates at the Orange County Jail claimed to officials that she admitted that she used drugs to knock her 2-year-old daughter out while she went out with friends.

While the 500 handwritten pages of letters released contain no such admissions from Anthony, they do appear to show the close relationship she had with her fellow inmates.


In interviews, Maya Derkovic told detectives she was friendly with Casey Anthony while they were in jail together. She claims Anthony confided in her about drugging her daughter so she could go out, according to transcripts released by the State Attorney's Office.

Anthony told another inmate, Robyn Adams, that Caylee had trouble sleeping and that she would use medicine to put her to sleep, according to the documents.

Robyn Adams said, according to a full transcript of her police interview, that Anthony used antihistamines on her daughter. However, a police summary of Adams' exchange with investigators says that Anthony used chloroform.

The letters Anthony wrote in jail show a different side of her. While waiting to go into court, Anthony wrote in a letter: "I know I'll be an emotional wreck later. Hell, it's been a full month almost since I've seen any of my family. The only one I have pictures of, is my daughter. I wish she was going to be there :( :( :( Great. I'm going to make myself cry, if I'm not careful."

CBS affiliate WKMG reports that Anthony described how she was as a mother in letters to Adams.  "I was a great mom!," she wrote. "I love my daughter with everything I have. I would give my life to have her back, even for five minutes."

Anthony has pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder and has said a babysitter kidnapped her daughter. The toddler's remains were found in December 2008, six months after she was reported missing.

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