Christie "can't imagine" VP run with Romney

Speculation over New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's presidential ambitions may be on the back burner for a few years thanks to him supporting former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney for president. But with Romney as the frontrunner in the Republican race, what if he asked Christie to be his running mate?

"I can't imagine Romney doing it," Christie told Charlie Rose. "Now, I have said that I think it's rude to say no to a job that you haven't been offered yet, but if you're a betting man, Charlie, which I suspect you are, I would bet on me being the governor of New Jersey after November of 2012."

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The question came up during an interview with Rose and Erica Hill on "CBS This Morning" Thursday in which the freshman governor continued to urge Romney to release his past tax returns, characterizing his refusal to do so as a distraction preventing him from talking about Republican principles.

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Christie doubted there was anything Romney should be ashamed of about becoming wealthy while running the private investment firm Bain Capital, disputing the focus of a New York Times article printed Thursday that characterized Romney's wealth as a political problem.

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