Cops: Dad in Strip Bar, Kids in Locked Car, We Are Not Amused

Michael Galloway
Dallas County Police Department
Michael Galloway (Dallas County Police Department)

DALLAS (CBS/AP) Under Texas law, minors are not allowed in strip clubs for any reason; however, Texas law also does not permit parents to lock their children in the car while they pay a quick visit to the boom-boom room. Unfortunately, Dallas dad Michael Galloway allegedly did just that.

Dallas police say the 36-year-old Galloway abandoned his nine-month-old baby and three-year-old son in his vehicle, while he soaked up the atmosphere and alcohol inside Pandora's Gentlemen's Club Friday night, says CBS affiliate KTVT.

A tow truck driver, John Young, reportedly spotted the car parked illegallyduring a routine screening of the area. As he approached the vehicle, he discovered the kids in the back seat of Galloway's car. Dallas police spokesman Lt. Kevin Janse said the doors were locked, the windows were up, and the three-year-old was waving in the backseat.

Galloway told police he was inside for 20 minutes -- no excuse, in any case -- but witnesses said he was drinking in the strip club for nearly an hour-and-a-half, reports KTVT.

"He said he was there trying to check on his wife who worked there. However, the officers soon determined that was not the case," said Janse. "She ... was at home and she ultimately picked the kids up. After several lies from the father to the officers, the truth slowly started coming out."

Galloway is charged with two counts of child endangerment and is held on bond of $10,000.