Darren Sharper will not be charged with sex assault in Miami

Darren Sharper in a Los Angeles court on Feb. 14, 2014

Liz O. Baylen/Los Angeles Times/Getty Images

Former NFL-star Darren Sharper will not face charges of sexual assault in Miami, where a woman had accused him of having sex with her while she was intoxicated.

Sharper is currently under indictment for allegedly drugging and raping women in California and Arizona. He has also been accused of similar behavior in Nevada and Louisiana. The three-time Pro Bowl player is scheduled to appear in a Los Angeles court Friday. The Los Angeles Times reports that Sharper's attorney will ask the prosecution to turn over details of their investigation.

Sharper is charged with seven felonies stemming from two separate incidents where he allegedly drugged and raped women he met at a West Hollywood nightclub. He has pleaded not guilty.

According to a memo from the Florida State Attorney's Office, the state decided against moving forward with charges for multiple reasons, including lack of physical evidence, no corroborating witnesses and "inconsistent statements made by the victim regarding her knowledge of the people she was with the night/morning of the incident as well as her description of the sex act itself."

The SAO memo also states that, "it appears that other jurisdictions have cases with more evidence available with which to prove the subject's guilt."

The alleged victim came to police on Jan. 19. 2014 and told police that she met Sharper at a club called Mokai on either Sept. 27 or Oct. 4, 2013 ("the victim only recalled that the incident occurred on a Thursday"), according to the SAO memo. The woman told police that she and some of her friends went to Sharper's condo where she "was already intoxicated and tired" and "said she went in to the subject's bedroom and fell asleep on his bed, alone and fully clothed."

The woman told police that the next morning she "woke up to find her pants and panties had been removed, and the subject was on top of her naked."

According to the memo, the woman later went to a clinic to be tested for sexually transmitted diseases but "did not make reference to the incident again until she saw on the news that [Sharper] had been arrested for engaging in the same type of conduct with other women."

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