Demi Moore 911 call reveals "real emergency"

The tape of the frantic 911 call from actress Demi Moore's Beverly Hills home Monday night is out and, reports CBS News national correspondent Lee Cowan, the scene sounds a lot more dire than her publicist had let on.

After Moore was rushed to the hospital, a statement said she 'd be seeking professional help for exhaustion and her overall health.

"The 911 tape really indicates that this is a much more serious situation than we were first led to believe," says US Weekly's Melanie Bromley. "We've been told it's exhaustion that she's suffering from, but you can tell from the tape that there's a very desperate situation there. She's having convulsions and she's almost losing consciousness. It's a very scary tape to listen to."

"She was definitely in trouble," Dr. Howard Samuels, a psychotherapist and leading expert on alcohol and drug addiction, and CEO of The Hills Treatment Center in Los Angeles, said on "CBS This Morning: Saturday." "This was a real emergency. You could hear the panic in the voices on the telephone. Obviously, you know, this was a 911 call that was very serious. And, especially when the paramedics came, they took her to the hospital, because, many times, the paramedics will come and, if it's not that serious, they'll leave. But they took her to the hospital, which shows you the seriousness of this."

Some observers, says Cowan, blame her recent split with husband Aston Kutcher, after allegations he'd cheated on her, for her troubles. Others say the marriage was in trouble long before that.

To see Cowan's full report, which includes audio from the 911 call, and for more from Samuels on Moore's situation, including what she was likely smoking that night and her prospects for recovery, click on the video in the playe above.