Drunk, High Australian Woman Murders Man Who Threw Cheese Balls at Her Car

Eli Westlake (Personal Photo)
Eli Westlake (Personal Photo)
SYDNEY (CBS/AP) Sarah May Ward was drunk and high on Ecstasy and Valium when she ran over and killed 21-year-old Eli Westlake, who threw cheese balls at her car.

The 38-year-old Australian woman acted aggressively and impulsively when she aimed her car at a group of young men throwing snacks at her car, Justice Roderick Howie of the New South Wales Supreme Court said when he sentenced her to 25 years in prison on Thursday.

She drank two bottles of wine and used cannabis, Ecstasy and Valium before getting into her car June 7, 2008, prosecutors said. When the men threw the cheese balls at her car, she got out and had a physical altercation with one before driving her car into the group.

On a second attempt, she drove straight at Westlake, running him over and killing him.

Ward was found guilty of murder last month.

The judge said he believed there was more involved than Westlake's brother and friends claimed but said Ward was definitely the aggressor and had time to consider her actions before driving at the group a second time.

"She was not provoked, but incensed by the fact that she had been humiliated, as she saw it...she was in a highly aggressive and abusive state," Howie said. "She clearly wanted to teach the young men a lesson."

Ward denied deliberately targeting Westlake, saying she was scared of the young men and trying to get away when she hit the accelerator by mistake.

She will be eligible for parole in 2027.