Dude, Dell Won't Stop Selling TV's

Last Updated Aug 20, 2007 7:13 PM EDT

Dell Sony-Built LCD TVYou may have heard that Dell plans to stop selling LCD TV's. (Industry blogs went nuts yesterday when Taiwan's Economic Daily newspaper reported that Dell would discontinue its line of LCD TV's.) In light of the massive restructuring at the company, the claim sounds like it may have some reasonable strategic explanation, but Dell has denied plans to exit the LCD TV business. In fact, Dell seems to be planning just the opposite. Here's a snippet from today's Washington Post:
"We will soon offer a wider assortment of televisions from leading manufacturers that feature the latest technology and meet Dell's high standards for performance," said Dell spokeswoman Rachel Lyon. The first step in that plan was Dell's move in February to add Sony Corp. LCD televisions with screens between 40 inches and 46 inches to the range of products sold on Dell.com, she said. Dell also sells TVs made by Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd. (Panasonic), Pioneer Corp., Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. and ViewSonic Corp.
In other words, Dell won't stop selling its TV's -- it plans to sell more of them. This marks the latest move in the company's struggle to rebuild market share and reinvigorate growth... the plot thickens!

(Image of Sony-Built Dell TV by Dell)