Early release of Ferris ad stokes fan frenzy

For many years, Super Bowl advertisers liked to hide their commercials until the big game.

Now companies are happy to reveal those ads ahead of time to get the buzz started.

Case-in-point: Four days ago, the world got its first glimpse of Matthew Broderick reprising his iconic 1986 role as Ferris Bueller, Hollywood's fast-driving high school hero.

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Broderick's Ferris Bueller Super Bowl ad is for Honda

That 10-second clip, part of a new Super Bowl ad for the Honda CR-V, generated a ton of buzz as more than a million Ferris fans viewed it online.

On Monday, the car company released a full two-and-a-half minute version of the ad, further stoking the Ferris frenzy.

Watch the full ad below.

Entertainment Weekly's Kristen Baldwin said she believes the commercial will cut through the clutter of Super Bowl Sunday.

"In a way it seems that Honda is almost poking fun at itself, it's very clear this CR-V is no Ferrari," Baldwin said, referring to the ad's joking mention to the "Ferris" movie's car. "Having a sense of humor about it and having a little knowing wink is very smart. ... If Ferris can grow up and have a station wagon and think it's 'so choice' then you know maybe it's OK for me, too."

Trying to capitalize on all the attention paid to advertising in the week leading up to the big game, companies will release around 15 to 20 of these so-called pre-teaser ads online, says Google's Bonita Stewart

"The Super Bowl is not just one day anymore," Stewart said. "It's what we call rolling thunder. There's an opportunity for the lightening to strike with a pre-teaser ad, and then they can just carry that brand experience all the way through to the game and then after the game,"

It's expected that 111 million viewers are expected to tune in on Super Bowl Sunday. Commerical slots cost upwards of $6 million per minute.

For more on the "Ferris" Honda ad, click on the video above. And for discussion on Super Bowl marketing strategies with Abbey Klaassen, of Advertising Age magazine, click on the video below.