Elvia Flores Update: 14-Year-Old Girl Still Missing, But No Longer Abducted?

Elvia Flores (Personal Photo)
Elvia Flores (Personal Photo)
LIVE OAK, Calif. (CBS/KCAL) Something doesn't quite add up in the case of Elvia Flores, the 14-year-old girl reported missing on Monday. Police now say she was not  abducted as originally thought, and is reportedly with her boyfriend, although she is still considering missing.

The California Highway Patrol issued an Amber Alert for Elvia after her friend told authorities that she and Elvia had been abducted in front of Live Oak High School in Sutter County.

The friend, whose name has not been released, told investigators she was grabbed by four to five Hispanic men and pulled into a brown 4-door sedan.

But now authorities say they have been able to determine through text messages that Elvia sent to friends that she is with her boyfriend and was apparently picked up from the high school after being dropped off by her mother.

The state of California canceled the Amber Alert Wednesday morning.

Those "men" remain something of a mystery.

Sutter County Sheriff's Lt. James Casner says the investigation will continue until Elvia is found.

Anyone with information on Elvia's whereabouts is asked to call the Sutter County Sheriff's Department at (530) 822-7307.

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April 13, 2010 - Elvia Flores, 14, Abducted, Missing; Friend Blacked Out in Attack, Say Police