Erin Andrews' Newest Death Threat: Dance Through "Hail of Gunfire"

Erin Andrews and Shawn Johnson
Erin Andrews, ESPN sportscaster (AP/Matt Sayles)

NEW YORK (CBS) ESPN's Erin Andrews can't seem to escape the creeps who are allegedly stalking her. The "Dancing with the Stars" contestant has received another email from a man claiming he'd love to shoot her, says celebrity website TMZ.

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Andrews' attorney Marshall Grossman said last week that since September at least a dozen emails have been sent to a media outlet threatening his client, according to the site.

TMZ says the emails turned sexual and violent in March.

The website says the man, from Newport News, Va., allegedly sent an email to DirecTV's "Dan Patrick Show" saying, "I would like to see if Erin Andrews can dance her way through a hail of gunfire. Better yet I would love to shoot her with a Barrett rifle."

The rifle has the same name as Michael David Barrett, the man who stalked Andrews and took nude videos of her through peepholes in her hotel rooms. He was sentenced last month to two-and-a-half years in prison.

TMZ reports the FBI is hesitant to make an arrest because authorities say the author may be engaging in free speech. No other information on the email sender has been released.

Photos: Erin Andrews Naked Peephole Video Scandal

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