Everyday commuters play Beethoven at a bus station in England

(CBS News) Just the other day we featured experimental music group CDZA finding an innovative way to engage kids in classical music. But it's not always just children who find it tough to engage in this historical musical medium. Which is why the fascinating project on display in the video above to get commuters at a bus station to play Beethoven on piano is wonderful to watch.

The rather thoughtful and very inspiring video was directed and posted by Anton Hecht, who writes about the unique public project and video:

The work was created with commuters and passers-by from the Haymarket Bus Station in Newcastle UK. Most of the participants are non players, many had never touched a piano before, we just convinced them to donate a note or two. Thanks to all who participated. The work was funded by The Arts Council of England, and Nexus through their Art On Transport cheme, with support in kind from FACT Services Liverpool. and a special thanks to Tyneside Piano Company for agreeing to install a mini grande in the bus station. It was a great day, even though I was really worried how it would go. I was amazed excited people were to not only get involved but also to chat. Thanks to everyone and especially the [pianist] Andy Jackson of the Cobwebs orchestra

We here at The Feed would like to take a moment to applaud all of the people involved in this amazing endeavor to expose everyday people to classical music in such a novel and fascinating way!  And for more work by Anton Hech, you can visit his YouTube page by clicking here.