Feel the calm wash over you with some slow-motion skateboarding

(CBS News) As Friday comes to an end, I always try to find something reflective to post and give us all a moment of pause and contemplation before the weekend.  This is that post.  Go ahead and take in the soothing sights and sounds of some awesome skateboarding done in slow-motion with the video above. I'd recommend watching in high-definition if at all possible.

The super slick and slow-motion skateboarding video aptly entitled "Slow Dayz" features Jason Bastian, with music by JD Beatz, and was posted by Darren "Skapo" Dyk who writes:

This was all filmed in about a 2 hour period a few days ago with Jason Bastian. Keep in mind he is actually regular stance, most of this was switch/nollie! We filmed it with a Sony FS700 at 480FPS. I'll tell you right now that I love this camera. Its so nice to have such a portable option for slow motion! (Haha It also helps that it didn't cost us $60k)

So can you feel the calm wash over you? Or does this make you want to go out and board right now? Either way, an amazing piece of work that has your blogger here feeling totally relaxed and ready for the weekend, and I hope you all are feeling the same way, too. If you'd like to check out more work from Darren "Skapo" Dyk, you can visit his YouTube page by clicking here.