Fun Summer Fitness Products

Summer is about to officially kick off which means more time to enjoy your favorite fitness and outdoor activities, like camping or mountain biking. CBS News Saturday Morning's fitness expert Bonnie Kaye describes the latest picks for outdoor gear and fun in the sun.

These products are featured in the latest issue of Men's Journal magazine.

  • Made just for man's best friend, the Superflight Dogobie, is a flying disc made of a soft plastic and rubber blend to resist punctures and tears, while at the same time being easier on your canine's teeth. It comes in dog-friendly colors of bright yellow and blue.
  • On the human side, try giving the Mega Mother Hover a toss. Weighing in at one pound, and measuring 18 inches in diameter, the tye-dyed looking mother of all flying discs is $12 and adds a new challenge to your usual game of fetch.
  • There are also beach running shoes that have a hard sole on the bottom. When you're running on the beach, they protect your feet. They have mesh panels that allow air in to cool your feet, and allow water to come out.
  • To help protect your skin, Handsfree lotion allows you to squeeze the bottle and roll it on like a deodorant, so you don't get lotion on your fingers and then rub it in your eyes.
  • Native Eyewear makes Lowrider glasses. They don't steam up because they have vents in the top that allow air in so that the skin around your eyes won't sweat. Other glasses by Native Eyewear are made of tough polycarbonate lenses that can help prevent tree branches from poking you in the eyes while mountain biking or hiking.
  • For restless sleepers who like to get a good night's rest in their tents, Sierra Designs offers the Sandman Sleeping bag. Elastic built into the bag stretches, allowing a comfortable amount of elbow room.
  • The Case Hobo knife for camping comes apart so you have two utensils -- a fork and a knife. The utensils are full-size, rather than the miniature models you usually see.
  • If you're one of the hundreds of thousands of people planning on hitting the mountain bike trails this summer, one of the most high-tech bikes on the market is the Cannondale Super-V Raven 700. With an aluminum frame on the inside and a carbon fiber skin, the bike weighs only 25 pounds. This model also has a dual suspension system to absorb the shock of rough terrain in the back and the front of the bike. At a serious price, $2300.00, it's for serious bikers.
  • For the golfer who has everything, the AZX Golf Watch not only keeps track of time, but records your strokes for each hole and stores up to 50 rounds in its memory.
  • For water balloon fun, the Sling King is a balloon with a hand-held launcher. Let it fly for up to 100 yards and 75 miles per hour. It should be used carefully, staying a safe distance away from your intended target.

Here is a quick list of the products, price and order numbers:

Superflight Dogobie Flying isc, $6.00 (safer and more durable frisbee for dogs)
(650) 321-5050
Mega Mother Hover, $12.00 (very heavy and large frisbee for humans)
(814) 774-3137
Beach Running Teva Ricochet, $90.00 (beach shoes)
Handsfree Sunscreen Pro Sport SPF 30, $6.00 (sunscreen in roll-on formula)
Native Eyewear Low Ryder Sunglasses, $85.00
Sierra Designs Sandman Sleeping Bag, $199.00 (flexible, expandable sleeping bag)
Hobo Knife, W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Company, $97.00 (eating utensils for campers)
Cannondale Raven Mountain Bike, $2300.00 (high-tech, double-suspension bike)(877-203-4850)
Golf AZX Golf Scoring Watch, $40.00 (watch that stores golf scores)
SlingKing Launcher, $25.00 (hand-held water balloon launcher)

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