Girl Attacked as Students and Parents Cheer, Take Video

Photo from a Cell Phone (KOVR)
Photo from a Cell Phone (KOVR)

OAKDALE, Calif. (CBS/KOVR) Crowds of students and parents gathered around to watch an Oakdale High School freshman violently beat her classmate. Instead of calling 911, students whipped out their cell phones to record the attack.

Manita Hazlewood, the mother of the victim, told CBS affiliate KOVR that her daughter didn't have a chance to fight back. "This girl was on top of her slamming her head into the ground," she said.

The flight lasted about 30 seconds but the girl was already badly beaten and suffered a concussion. A mother, who wants to remain anonymous, says she stepped in to help as she witnessed parents cheering on the attacker.

"I was very shocked. These are grown parents. This girl had enough time, and these people were right next to it," said the woman.

The victim's mother told KOVR, "She's traumatized. Not only was she beaten, it was on YouTube; there's video. I got three different versions of it."

In the recording, students can be heard egging on the attack.

Hazlewood's daughter was brought back to the school and interviewed by administrators and cops. Hazlewood is angry the school didn't call her even though her daughter was badly beaten.

Oakdale Joint Unified School District Superintendent Fred Rich told KOVR, "We try to ensure the safety. It's not always physically possible, especially if we don't know about it."

KOVR says the victim was suspended even though the video allegedly shows her to be the recipient of the attack. The other girl has reportedly been expelled.

Police are investigating. No word yet on what the fight caused the fight.