GOP Freshman: Congress must be "emotionless" about cuts

In a one-on-one interview Thursday with CBS News political analyst John Dickerson, Rep. Tom Graves (R-Ga.) said he expects members of Congress to work out a deal to keep the government running.

"There's no intention to shut down the government so I imagine both Republicans and Democrats will come together," said Graves, a Tea Party-affiliated Republican.

Yet Graves, who's emerging as a leader of the freshmen class in the budget battle, wouldn't commit on whether he would vote for a budget that cuts less than the $100 billion promised in Republicans' Pledge to America.

"Status quo is unacceptable right now," Graves, speaking from his congressional office, told Dickerson. "There's no reason to move forward until we get serious structural changes in place."

Graves sits on the House Appropriations Committee and is described by colleagues as a "budget hawk." He'd like to see federal spending capped at 18.5 percent of Gross Domestic Product and plans to ask certain federal agencies to submit budget proposals that reduce spending by 10-25 percent.

"We have to be emotionless about the various cuts that are out there," he said. "We cannot be married to one program or another. Instead, we have to step back and know that this is for the great good of America."

More of Dickerson's interview with Congressman Graves will air Friday at 12:30pmET live on's "Washington Unplugged."

Dickerson will also be joined by the New York Times' Matt Bai, the National Journal's Major Garrett and CBS News Congressional correspondent Nancy Cordes for a politics week in review.