Guide to living a better life from a cat named Breton

(CBS News) While I know many people resolve to start living a healthier and better life around New Year's, I've decided to start doing so right now. In the middle of October. Just because. And the above video has some very helpful ideas on how to make it happen. Oh, and it comes from a cat. Check it out.

The slightly bizarre, but also actually pretty solid list of things you should do to live a better life was posted by Vimeo user Ariel Belziti and entitled "Breton's Guide To Life (in 10 steps)".  While I'm terrible at waking up early (and don't see that changing anytime soon), I can definitely try to up my ante with some of the other tips and tricks, and hopefully you can, too.  Or not.  Like I said before, this resolve is kind of coming randomly in the middle of October.  But, getting back on track, if you'd like to check out more videos from Ariel Belziti, you can visit his Vimeo page by clicking here.

UPDATE: We received a very nice note from the creator that you can read in the Comments section below. And thank you so much for making this wonderful work, Ariel!