Is Newt Gingrich leading the 2012 GOP pack?

Rounding out a week that included avoiding a government shut down, a veteran Republican throwing his hat into the 2012 ring and an on-going battle over the budget, CBS News political consultant John Dickerson hosted a politics week in review roundtable on "Washington Unplugged."

Dickerson was joined by Politico's Jonathan Martin, Roll Call's Christina Bellantoni and the New York Times' Jeff Zeleny, who was in Georgia Thursday to cover Newt Gingrich's announcement that he launched a website to explore a presidential run.

Zeleny characterized the announced as "underwhelming" and the panel discussed whether or not Gingrich would have the same support from Congress he had before since most of his coalition has moved on.

Dickerson even dug up a clip of Gingrich on the House floor in 1982 discussing an issue being debated on the same floor today- the budget.

Watch the video above.