Jenna Jameson-Tito Ortiz "Big Misunderstanding": Just Forget That Whole Drug and Domestic Violence Thing

In this May 24, 2008 file photo, mixed martial arts star Tito Ortiz, right, is seen with Jenna Jameson after his fight at UFC 84 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.
AP Photo/Eric Jamison
Jenna Jameson and Tito Ortiz (AP Photo/Eric Jamison)

NEW YORK (CBS) Remember when porn star Jenna Jameson called the cops and had her boyfriend Tito Ortiz, the former UFC champ, arrested for domestic violence? And remember when Ortiz alleged Jameson was addicted to Oxycontin?

Well, fuhgeddaboudit!  That was so last week's news.  

TMZ says the couple has withdrawn their allegations, and Jameson tells the celebrity site, "What actually happened has now been dramatically distorted and misinterpreted and remarks that both Tito and I made after the police arrived reflect the state of shock that we were both in."

Come again?

Originally, Ortiz claimed that a fight began after he discovered the drugs in their home and assumed that Jenna had a relapse. Ortiz has now retracted his statement, saying that the pills he found were old and that his wife is not a raging Oxycontin addict, reports TMZ..

Last Tuesday, Jameson and her lawyer said Jameson had tested "negative" for ten drugs, including Oxycontin.

Ortiz's lawyer, Chip Matthews, now tells the site the whole thing was a "big misunderstanding."

April 29, 2010 - Jenna Jameson Denies Tito Ortiz's Drug Claims; Tested Clean for Oxycontin, Says Report