Job Seeking Tips from the Experts

Where are the jobs, and how do you get one?

In this tough job market, we put those questions to experts today on @katiecouric. 

The full interview clip is embedded below. 

Looking for some job-seeking tips? Don't write your resume based on the jobs you've had. Instead,  "write the resume for the job you want," suggests Ellen Gordon Reeves.

Ellen Gordon Reeves also suggests, "Stop looking for a job, and start looking for a person."

It's better to meet people and make real connections in what she calls "the hidden job market."

Why shouldn't you be worried about the gap in your resume? Don't mind the gap, mine the gap. 

So what exactly is a "jobless recovery?" Conor Dougherty of the Wall Street Journal explains. =http:>

And, if you're wondering whether or not you can wear your nose ring to an interview - you're in luck. Ellen Gordon Reeves, wrote a book on that very subject.

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