Joseph "Zeke" Rucker, Injured on Spring Break, Now Breathing on His Own

Zeke Rucker (CBS/WFOR)
Zeke Rucker (CBS/WFOR)
TRENTON, N.J. (CBS/WFOR/AP) Joseph "Zeke" Rucker is breathing on his own for the first time since he was seriously injured during a spring break trip to Mexico, reports the New York Post.

Investigators are trying to determine if the recent Rutgers University graduate was the victim of an assault.

The 21-year-old of Sewell, N.J. is hospitalized in Miami. He is in a coma with skull fractures and bleeding on the brain.

Authorities have not determined what caused Rucker's injuries, but family members believe he was the victim of a random attack.

Rucker was in Cancun with friends on a trip that was a gift from his parents.

When the group returned to its hotel in the early morning hours of March 14, Rucker decided to hang out by the swimming pool. He was later found by a resort security guard, seriously injured.

Rucker's parents went to Mexico after learning about the incident and returned with him to Miami.

April 1, 2010 - Zeke Rucker Victim of Spring Break Attack in Cancun, Says Family