Lesson in how to eat a cupcake like a gentleman

(CBS News) With the presidential debates in full effect, it's good to remember that etiquette and manners are what everyone should practice in their political discourse and disagreements. Which is why we have this video demonstrating a lesson in how to eat a cupcake like a gentleman...

Okay, fine, I know that was a stretch, but it's still an insightful and amusing video to watch.  And it always comes down to the sandwich method, doesn't it?  The short lesson in how to approach the amazing, but often difficult to eat, cupcake was posted by Foodbeast who writes about it:

Ever have trouble eating a cupcake without looking like a fool? Whether it's frosting on your face and fingers, or nibbling it like a kitten, a cupcake is a tough dessert to eat properly.

We've been showing people how to eat things like a boss, but today, we learned How to Eat A Cupcake Like a Gentleman. No frosting on the nose, no awkward nibbles, just pure, unadulterated gentlemaness.

So I suppose you learn something new every day. And speaking of learning something new today, why aren't you watching the debates? Don't get me wrong, we always love you here at The Feed, but you should make sure to tune in and watch (on CBS News, of course). And to check out more lessons in etiquette and otherwise from Foodbeast, you can visit their website by clicking here.