Let's get our learn on with some fun science videos

(CBS News) We like to play hard and learn hard here at The Feed, and this post is going to focus on the latter. But before you do something terrible (like close this post), you should know by now that we enjoy our education with a spoonful of sugar (i.e fun). So let's take a moment to learn about fluid dynamics in the form of some underwater explosions and more in the video above.

The education-made-awesome video is part of the "Smarter Every Day" series, which has been featured here on The Feed many times in the past for their innovative approach to science. They write about this latest work, which also included the help of photographer Alan Sailer:

This is an extremely difficult Fluid Dynamics problem. It's very difficult to explain how complicated it is. All fluid dyanamics professors I showed this to were baffled!

And we'll up your knowledge even more by including another favorite of The Feed: minutephysics! In their latest episode below, they explain some of the history behind quantum mechanics with the help of special guest, Neil Turok, Director of Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics.