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Last Updated Sep 13, 2007 3:19 PM EDT

Cheap shots, quick thoughts, bon mots:

* Should a near death experience change your life? Cowen: "I say use the experience
to rationalize a change you wanted to make anyway. Most people have
less than perfect courage or willpower, but a near-death experience can
provide a pro-change focal point in a multiple-selves game."
* Mark Pincus on New Yorkers: "Learning that New Yorkers are wonderful people when you meet them but
treat each other worse than any third world country when it's a 'public'
situation. Walking through the subway or times square you will be run
over. Meet them at your tennis club and they're a long lost relative." Funny observation. I spent all last week in Manhattan and enjoyed it quite a bit for all the obvious reasons. Yet for me it's definitely a "great place to visit but not to live" kind of city.

* Naomi Wolf presents a baseless claim that exposure to pornography lead men to want less of the real thing. Julian Sanchez is one of many who debunk.

* Book news....Here's a clip from live TV interview I did on ABC News last week about my book. Here's a post with link to a one hour podcast interview with Escape from Cubicle Nation. Here's economist Arnold Kling's review of my book. Angel investor and start-up coach David Cohen calls the book "terrific". Entrepreneur Andy Sack calls the book "awesome". It appears the book has finally gotten into most Barnes & Noble and Borders in the U.S. And of course it's always available on Amazon.