Little Armenia Family Nearly Wiped out by Mom's Stalker, Cops Say

Karine Hakobyan
Karine Hakobyan (KCAL)

LOS ANGELES (CBS/AP) The 13-year-old sole survivor from an Armenian immigrant family gunned down in two incidents may be one step closer to seeing justice done for her family. In December 2008, the girl returned home to find her father and 8-year-old sister shot dead. Eighteen months later, she found her mother shot dead in her car.

The break in the case came Monday when detectives received new information that led them to investigate Alberd Tersargyan, an Armenian immigrant who was reportedly a friend of the family.

Los Angeles police announced that they have arrested the man they believe may be responsible for both the 2009 murder of Karine Hakobyan, and the 2008 deaths of her husband, Khachik Safaryan and their daughter Lusine Safaryan. Police say Tersargyan, of Los Angeles, may have been obsessed with Hakobyan, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Police initially arrested Tersargyan for weapons violations after finding several handguns and rifles, none of which were believed to be registered. Capt. Kevin McClure said ballistics tests linked a small-caliber handgun to the March 26 slaying of Hakobyan, who was shot to death in a carport at her apartment complex.

Investigators believe Tersargyan may be responsible for the 2008 deaths because the family knew him as a friend, McClure said. "He had the ability to go to the house."

Tersargyan's arraignment was continued until May 6 and the public defender's office did not immediately know which of its attorneys had been assigned to Tersargyan's case.