Little girl tells her brother he needs to "toughen up" (with bonus of toddler twins falling asleep while eating)

(CBS News) Have I mentioned that I have like a kajillion sisters? No?  Well, it's true, not a single brother, but I do have a lot of sisters. Which is probably why the above video particularly hits home for me. Watch as a little girl gives her brother some advice and tells him he needs to "toughen up".

The super cute sibling conversation, reminiscent of another series of tough-love conversation between young children, was posted by YouTube user Lee O'Donoghue who writes about it:

Gabriel reflects on some sisterly advice

And to up the ante of this post with more kids doing totally adorable overload things, watch in the video below as a pair of 22-month-old twins named AJ and MJ attempt to eat spaghetti while being very, very sleepy after a long day of "playing in the pool and building sand castles" posted by YouTube user Johanne Stetka. Can you guess where this one might be going...?