Missing 3-Year-Old Nathaniel Fons Mysteriously Dropped Off in NYC Church with Bizarre Note in Pocket

Nathaniel Fons, missing in Florida, turns up in New York church.
Personal Photo
Nathaniel Fons (WCBS)

NEW YORK (CBS/AP) Three-year-old Nathaniel Fons, who was missing in Florida, was mysteriously dropped off at a landmark New York City church Tuesday night with a bizarre note in his pocket.

Investigators say a couple left Fons at St. Patrick's Cathedral around 6:30 p.m. in midtown Manhattan and sped away. A note inside the boy's pocket had his name on it, his mother's name and the name of a detective in Florida looking for him.

Nathaniel Fons. (Personal Photo)

Fons was reported missing Monday after his mother, Erin Comeau, and her boyfriend, Christopher Brandstetter, were arrested on counterfeiting charges in Flagler County, about 25 miles north of Daytona Beach.

The pair was caught trying to pass a counterfeit $100 bill, according to the New  York Daily News.

Comeau told authorities her son was with two people, Eleanor Black and William Scott, who are also suspected of being involved in a counterfeiting operation. Authorities say his mother knew the couple.

"When my investigators interviewed the mother of the child last night, she was comfortable with the fact that the child was with these people. So, that is why we didn't put out a missing person on that child at this point in time," Flagler County Sheriff Don Fleming told CBS affiliate WCBS.

Investigators say Black, Scott and their two daughters were driving in a Chevy Suburban.