Mom Passed out After Meth Birthday Binge and Smothered Baby, Police Say

Jessica Adams
Livermore Police
Jessica Adams (Livermore Police)

LIVERMORE, Calif. (CBS/AP) Twenty-five-year-old Jessica Adams reportedly told police that she accidentally suffocated her 2-month-old son while she was sleeping on March 19, 2009. But after a lengthy investigation, police say that in reality Adams smothered her child, Gary Sterling, after a methamphetamine binge. 

Adams now faces a homicide charge.

Police say that Adams took the child with her to a house and used meth over a four-day span to celebrate her birthday. She returned home afterwards with the child, and passed out, smothering the child on the couch, according to police.

Police say witnesses said she insisted on keeping her son with her even after others had offered to take care of him during her alleged birthday drug binge.

Adams was arrested Tuesday and has been charged with murder.

According to CBS affiliate KPIX, police didn't know that at the time of her infant son's death Adams had two other children, ages three and five. Those children had been taken away from her by Child Protective Services because they were born with meth in their systems, police said.

Police said that Adams was a longtime meth user, who had previously been arrested on drug charges, and that she had also been in and out of drug rehabilitation programs.