Obama and Romney town hall debate gets "songified"

(CBS News) As they have done with every presidential debate so far, The Gregory Brothers (aka schmoyoho) are back again with another "songified" version of President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney at last night's town hall debate at Hofstra University. Take a look and listen.

I've got to say, the chorus is catchy! "Who's going to work it out, baby? Who's going to work it out?" The Gregory Brothers were last featured on The Feed in the Friday music round-up for their "songified" version of the debate between Vice President Joe Biden and Vice-Presidential nominee Paul Ryan, and I have a feeling we're going to see another song hit next week after CBS News' own Bob Schieffer moderates the debates on Monday from Lynn University.

Another amazing piece of work from this musical team that has earned them a big triple-rainbow salute of excellence for making politics so much fun! If you'd like to learn the latest actual news happening on the political front, make sure to click here to go to the Politics section.  And to check out more awesome musical hijinks from The Gregory Brothers (aka schmoyoho), you can visit their YouTube page by clicking here.