One-handed push ups while solving a Rubik's Cube (in 25 seconds)

(CBS News) With cultural phenomena like the Guinness Book of World of Records, there are a variety of things one can attempt to do in order to make a mark in this world. And just because a feat is a bit ridiculous, does not make it any less impressive to behold. Take for instance the video above of a guy doing one-handed push ups while solving a Rubik's Cube. Does it blend two very unlike things into a melange of the bizarre? Sure. Is it still awesome to watch? You know it.

The deadly combo of critical thinking skills and some nice abs.  I bet a few of you out there are wondering if he might be single... The odd and interesting combination of exercise and puzzle-solving on video was posted by YouTube user Latissimus65 who writes:

This is one of my first times trying one armed push ups so forgive me if the form is off, lol. I haven't done a standard push up in as long as I can remember. My quad actually isn't touching the ground, it might look that way b/c of the loose shorts. Also, sorry for the little pause between push ups 3 and 4, I messed up a part of the solve. This vid combines my 2 main hobbies.
Great job, especially considering this was your first time attempting this difficult double challenge! For more from Latissimus65 you can click here to go to his YouTube page and for those who are curious, he also has a Rubik's cube channel on YouTube that you can check out by clicking here.