Pakistan Flooding Crisis Hit by "Donor Fatigue"?

During the last few weeks, monsoon rains have caused the worst flooding in Pakistan's history. About 1,500 people are dead, and 20 million have been affected.

Many need help now, but unlike in previous disasters, relief for Pakistan may be a long time coming, CBS News Correspondent Richard Roth reports.

The destruction's massive. The human suffering's enormous. The pictures from Pakistan are wrenching, but if they've tugged at heartstrings around the globe, they've hardly opened purse strings.

"Although governments have been coming forward with increasing generosity, the public response has not been the immediate outpouring of generosity that we've seen for Haiti and the tsunami five years ago," the U.N. Under Secretary John Holmes said.

Sixteen days after the Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004, aid commitments totaled $1.4 billion. Sixteen days after Pakistan's floods began, promises added up to just $200 million.

Yet relief agencies say the humanitarian crisis unfolding in Pakistan is even greater than this year's earthquake in Haiti.

Among high-profile donors after that disaster, with a million-dollar gift to Haitian relief, was actress Angelina Jolie, who's also given to Pakistan but less than she gave to Haiti.

"As people completely understand the scale of it, they will do more," said Jolie. "I know we've been talking to people about where to put our money, who to give it to and when."

A U.N. appeal for $460 million is only halfway met. If so-called "donor fatigue" is one reason, Pakistan's image is probably another, according to the U.N.'s former deputy chief.

"Pakistan has bad PR, but it has bad PR for a very good reason," said Mark Malloch Brown, former deputy secretary-general. "This is an extremely weak, frail, in some ways even failing state."

Big-scale relief, in a way, was invented for Pakistan or the area that used to be part of it, called Bangladesh.

To help cyclone victims and refugees in 1971, the Beatles' George Harrison wrote a song. The benefit concert was the first of its kind.

No one's singing for Pakistan yet to ease this suffering.

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