Paula Deen served up plate of criticism

Doctors and chefs alike are serving up a full plate of criticism for celebrity chef Paula Deen.

It started a few days ago after the Food Network star, known for her rich, fatty recipes, revealed she has Type-2 diabetes.

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Paula Deen reveals diabetes, won't change how she cooks
Paula Deen's type 2 diabetes: Blame the food?
Paula Deen confirms she has Type 2 diabetes

Deen waited three years to reveal she has the condition, and is now a paid spokeswoman for the makers of a diabetes drug called Victoza. Many are now wondering why she waited so long as she continued to promote fatty, fried and butter-laden foods on her Food Network show and cookbooks, coming out about her diagnosis after locking down the endorsement.

She remains unapologetic for her food, and says she will still enjoy it in moderation.

For more on the controversy, "CBS This Morning" turned to Chef Jose Andres, this year's James Beard Foundation's outstanding chef in America.

Andres said, "I don't think that what Paula Deen did is the right thing.

"Probably she was supposed to endorse a vegetable or fruit company," he said. "If I was her, I would go forward and I will be telling people maybe what we did over the last 10 years maybe was not the right thing.

But Andres feels not all of the blame lies with Deen. "Food Network is a channel that could be doing more to send the right message," he said. He also cites movie theaters and sports stadiums as other venues that encourage unhealthy eating habits.

"...Paula Deen and the Food Network, all the other cooking shows that you see around TV that influence people to eat more or unhealthy, they're only the tip of the iceberg of the obesity problem we have in America," he said. "I'm only happy about Paula Deen because it's bringing the issue forward and that's what we need to be concentrating (on)."

For more on the controversy surrounding Deen's revelation, and more with Andres -- including his thoughts on if Deen misled the public, watch the video in the player above.