Peter Dabish, Powerhouse Gym Heir, Ordered Held Without Bond in Friend's Slaying

Diana DeMayo (Family Photo)
Peter Dabish and Diana DeMayo (Detroit Police/DeMayo Family)
DETROIT (CBS/AP) Peter Dabish, the son of Powerhouse Gyms co-founder Norman Dabish, was ordered held without bail Thursday after being charged with the March 11 murder and torture of Diana DeMayo in her Detroit apartment.

Prosecutors argued that even though Dabish's mother said she would pledge her own home as well as her mother's home as collateral to assure that her 24-year-old son appears for his preliminary examination on April 20, Dabish could not be trusted not to jump bail.

Diana DeMayo (Family Photo)

Wayne County prosecutor Lisa Lindsey cited an earlier case in which Noura Dabish posted a $50,000 bond in Oakland County on a lesser felony and her son still jumped bond, according to the Detroit Free Press.

"That was on a minor case," Lindsey told District Court Magistrate Millicent Sherman. "This is a major case."

Prosecutors allege that Dabish brutally beat DeMayo, 23, to death , just hours after she helped Dabish move into a Detroit apartment tower. He was on the run for weeks following the killing, say prosecutors.

"There was blood all over her and blood all over him," Lindsey said. "There were at least eight separate blows to the head."

The murder happened a few days after drug investigators found a suspected marijuana-growing operation in a condo that Dabish had rented in the Detroit neighborhood of Waterford, the Free Press reported.

Dabish also allegedly placed obscene and harrassing phone calls to DeMayo's family while she lay in the hospital and even after she died, according to the paper.

A preliminary examination is scheduled for April 20.