Really Good Humor: Woman Sells Pot out of Ice Cream Truck, Say Cops


LAKE HAVASU CITY, Ariz. (CBS/AP) Baskin Robbins probably never considered adding chronic to its roster of 31 flavors, but an Arizona woman is in custody for allegedly doing just that - she sold marijuana from the back of her ice cream truck, say police.

Lorna Gaudette, of Lake Havasu, Ariz., about 190 miles west of Phoenix, was arrested April 1 after Lake Havasu police witnessed Gaudette allegedly selling more than rocky road out of her ice cream truck and stopped to investigate further.

According to the investigating officer, they found a usable amount of marijuana inside the truck and a search warrant served at Gaudette's home allegedly found a large amount of marijuana as well as methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia.

It's unclear if there was a DVD copy of Ice Cube's "Friday" (editor's note: or Cheech and Chong's "Nice Dreams") at her house, but one can only assume she was familiar with it.

Gaudette is in the custody of the Mohave County Sheriff's Office and faces charges including selling marijuana and possession of dangerous drugs.