Rielle Hunter-John Edwards Sex Tape Worth $5 Million, Says Vivid CEO

Rielle Hunter and former Sen. John Edwards
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Rielle Hunter and former Sen. John Edwards (AP)
NEW YORK (CBS) How much would the world's largest producer of pornographic videos pay to see Rielle Hunter and John Edwards get it on?

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CRIMESIDER spoke with Vivid Entertainment's CEO Steven Hirsch, and asked how much the notorious Edwards-Hunter sex tape is worth. The answer? A whole lot.

"There has been a tremendous amount of interest in him," Hirsch told CRIMESIDER. "We would be ready to pay $5 million."

Knowledge of the sex tape surfaced when former Edwards loyalist, Andrew Young, revealed its existence in his recent book, "The Politician." Young reportedly found the footage on an unmarked tape.

Since then, dirty details of the tape have surfaced via The Daily Beast, based on accounts from multiple people who claim to have seen it. According to The Daily Beast, a medical source who has seen the tape confirmed that Hunter appeared to be four or five months pregnant in the video. Other sources claim Edwards was "graphically performing for the camera," which Hunter was holding, says The Daily Beast.

Do these details change the value of the tape?

"There has been enough talk about it that it's pretty much sold," Hirsch explained to CRIMESIDER. "We would have to take a look at the tape."

Hunter has sued Young for invasion of privacy, seeking the return of the videotape. Hunter's appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show Thursday was her first televised interview since the former North Carolina senator first admitted two years ago that he had an affair with her. In the show, Hunter admitted that the tape exists.

Edwards hired Hunter to work as a campaign videographer in 2006 as he plotted his second run for president. The former North Carolina senator's political action committee paid her video production firm more than $100,000. Federal investigators have been looking into Edwards' campaign finances, with former aide Andrew Young saying a grand jury questioned him for hours about the large sums of money that changed hands during the period that he helped cover up the affair.

In January, Edwards said he and Hunter have a 2-year-old daughter, after initially denying it. He and his wife, Elizabeth Edwards, are now separated.

"The whole sex tape thing is interesting," Hirsch told CRIMESIDER. "I wish them the best."

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