Rielle Hunter Talks to Oprah, But is It Anything We Haven't Heard Before?

Rielle Hunter (Mark Seliger/GQ)
Mark Seliger/GQ
Rielle Hunter (Mark Seliger/GQ)

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (CBS) Set your DVR's: Rielle Hunter will be on Oprah today. And in advance of her appearance, snippets of her interview have been released. In them, she talks about her affair with former senator John Edwards, about when his then wife Elizabeth Edwards discovered the affair, and about the child she bore with John Edwards. Again.

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Oprah Winfrey and Rielle Hunter (Burns/Harpo Productions)

The interview is billed as Hunter's first television appearance since John Edwards admitted to being the father of Hunter's daughter Francis Quinn. It may be the first TV interview, but Hunter did sit for an interview with that little-known magazine GQ - for which she posed with a white shirt, no pants and Dora the Explorer.

The promos for the show don't feature Hunter addressing the now infamous sex tape she allegedly made with Edwards, which is part of an ongoing civil suit against Andrew Young.

PICTURES: Rielle Hunter

Young is the former Edwards aide who claims he was part of a massive cover-up of the Edwards-Hunter affair that included possible criminal acts. The tape was the one taboo subject during the GQ interview, but Oprah isn't known for avoiding taboo topics.

"I think like I do with everything: the truth eventually reveals itself," Hunter told the magazine at the time. "And we're all here to grow and evolve. And I think Andrew will grow and evolve, even if it's behind bars."

In Thursday's Oprah interview, Hunter will also talk about the now infamous ABC News interview Edwards gave with Bob Woodruff, where Edwards admitted to the affair with Hunter. She tells Oprah that everyone, except Elizabeth Edwards, urged the then presidential hopeful John Edwards not to do the interview, including Hunter herself. Hunter says Elizabeth Edwards had no idea what was coming, and that she learned about the affair after the interview.

"Everyone who was close to - well, who knew all the facts and knew the truth said, please don't do that interview," Hunter tells Oprah.

"Elizabeth really wanted him to do that interview...[but] she didn't know the truth," according to Hunter.

"She doesn't think she's a homewrecker," Winfrey says of Hunter in a promo for Thursday's edition of "Oprah." "Doesn't think of herself as a homewrecker, and she does not think she played a key role in breaking up the Edwards' marriage."

Yeah, your husband having an affair and a child with another woman while you're undergoing treatment for cancer wouldn't have any effect on your marriage. None at all. Hunter also isn't doing this for the publicity.

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