Schieffer: Newt has made Mitt a better debater

Thursday night's GOP presidential debate failed to produce a clear-cut winner, but Bob Schieffer says former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney's performance was the best he's seen at a debate.

"Newt Gingrich has made a much better debater out of Mitt Romney," Schieffer said on "CBS This Morning."

"Romney just doesn't like this kind of thing. He doesn't like to get in there and mix it up. He's now got him a new debate coach. Gingrich has kept just slamming it to him. And last night he came up with some answers. I think this was probably the best he has done from the standpoint of a debate.

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"There were no knockouts" in last night's debate, Schieffer said. "I would kind of call this a draw. ... I thought Gingrich and Romney mixed it up pretty good. I thought Romney was the best that he has been thus far. But I don't think this is over yet."

Schieffer also said he did not think either Rick Santorum or Ron Paul would have any effect on the outcome in Florida.

"This is still between Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney," he said. "Gingrich has been drawing very, very big crowds. All the polling shows that this is very, very close. I don't think anybody thinks that Ron Paul is going to somehow be a major factor down here. He provides relief during these debates, but he'll get his usual percentage. But he's not going to threaten either of the candidates, I don't think."

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