Skateboarding around in a ghost town in northern China

(CBS News) A little bit ago we showed you an amazing video that imagined the city of San Francisco without people.  This time we go in the opposite direction and show you an actual empty city meant for a million people that has some skateboarders swing by for a visit.  Check it out.

The re-purposed ghost town as a skateboard park project entitled "Ordos" was directed, edited and filmed by Charles Lanceplaine who writes about the work:

Built for 1 million people and currently inhabited by just a few thousand.

It's been called the Dubai of northern China, showered with wealth, packed with public infrastructure and located near to precious natural resources in a region plagued by water-supply troubles.

Ordos is a ghost town located in Inner Mongolia. Seeing the potential of this city in terms of spots we decided to organize a skate trip and be the first ones to skate such a surreal place.

While it looks like a blast to board around the empty city during the day, I have a feeling things might get a bit creepy once night sets in. Just saying. Still, a sweet skateboarding video with a surreal setting that has managed to earn major props from all of us here at The Feed. If you'd like to check out more amazing work by Charles Lanceplaine, you can visit his Vimeo page by clicking here.