Snoopy flies again in new "Peanuts" trailer

"Peanuts" stars Snoopy and Charlie Brown.

20th Century Fox

Good grief! The first full-length trailer for next year's "Peanuts" film arrived online Tuesday morning.

The clip was supposed to debut on Thanksgiving Day, but it "leaked" a full 10 days early -- and it appears a certain lovable beagle is to blame.

We're certainly not complaining, though. The two-minute trailer gives us our first good look at how Charles Schulz's beloved characters will look in CGI.

Snoopy's front and center here, having some holiday fun with Woodstock and channeling his high-flying alter-ego, the Flying Ace. Charlie Brown, Lucy and the rest of the gang also make appearances, but not until the very end of the clip.

"Peanuts," co-written in part by Schulz's son Craig and grandson Bryan, will hit theaters on Nov. 5, 2015.