Social Responsibility Done Right

Last Updated Aug 20, 2007 7:19 PM EDT

If you want your employees to think more highly of your company, start a corporate social responsibility program. According to a recent study, workers who believe their companies are socially responsible also believe that management has more integrity, the company is more competitive, and the employees are treated better. On the flip side, employees who don't feel they're treated well view corporate citizenship efforts with cynicism.

So if you're damned if you do poorly and if you don't at all, how do you make sure that your corporate responsibility program succeeds? The Center for Corporate Citizenship at Boston College's Carroll School of Management analyzed research into common tactics that companies employ to create such programs and compiled a list of "Ten Half-Truths of Integrating Corporate Citizenship," which explains how those tactics can both spark and hinder progress.

Each tactic is followed by bottom-line advice to help companies navigate the process. Use the list to help your company become a solid corporate citizen and to make sure your good deeds get the recognition they deserve.