Some fun stuff to get you in the Halloween spirit

(CBS News)  We are just a little over a week away from Halloween now, and I don't know about you, but your blogger here is getting excited! So here are two fun items to tell you that season of scares is nearly upon us. We start things off with a crazy Halloween light show in the video above.

The video was posted by YouTube user KJ92508, who has been featured here on The Feed previously for another Halloween light show and"Party Rock" tribute. He writes about this 2011 Halloween event that was only posted recently with some very sad news about the show:

I never got a [chance] to upload this video from my 2011 Halloween show. This was the opening to the 6 song show from the Disney's Haunted Mansion. Unfortunately, there will not be a 2012 show due to my community (HOA) not wanting the show here anymore. New rules have been imposed and basically shuts me down. I guess too many people showed up upsetting a few of the neighbors. So this is my way of saying..."don't show up this year" :-(

We here at The Feed can't express how sorry we are to see this tradition go and would like to give a big triple-rainbow salute to KJ92508 for all the years of amazing holiday spectacles he has provided to us and the world. On a happier and somewhat bizarre note, we'll finish this post off with a bang (literally!) and some very non-traditional pumpkin carving in this wild video below from YouTube user hickok45. You really have to see this one to believe it.